Sustainable Development Award


Sustainable Development Award for WEDISTRICT

WEDISTRCT project has recieved its first award 🏆- the Sustainable Development Award, promoted by Diario CÓRDOBA (Spain) in its attempt to contribute to climate change mitigation.

Leading environmental specialists from CĂłrdoba awarded the Research Group in Applied Thermal Engineering from the Universidad de CĂłrdoba for their work on the Renewable Air Cooling Unit (RACU) prototype, which transforms heat into cold. RACU is a desiccant indirect evaporative renewable air-cooling unit for supplying cool air by using low temperature renewable heat source.

When finished, it will be integrated into the WEDISTRICT DHC network in AlcalĂĄ de Henares demosite and can be replicated across Europe. The technology is intended for HVAC applications with high Indoor Air Quality requirements, such us hospitals, offices and schools.

Congratulations Manuel Ruiz de Adana Santiago and colleagues!

Photo credit: AJ GONZÁLEZ for Diario CÓRDOBA