Alberto Abánades from the Polytechnic University of Madrid won the Best Paper Award for his paper “Proposal of a thermocline Molten Salt Storage Tank for District Heating and Cooling”, which he presented during the International Conference on Polygeneration 2021.

Get to know our virtual demonstration cases! To compliment our R&D work at the four full scale demonstration sites in …

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WEDISTRICT organised a workshop together with MATCHUP, RewardHeat and RELaTED projects, presenting their approaches to the renewable DHC.

Join our virtual workshop to learn about best practices of leading R&D and innovation projects that are paving the way towards sustainable solutions in DHC.

A comparison of traditional air cooling systems (DX systems) with novel air cooling systems based on regenerative indirect evaporative exchangers (RIEC) and systems based on regenerative indirect evaporative exchangers combined with desiccant wheels (DRIEC) for buildings dedicated to educational use in Southern European climate. The results show that the new RIEC and DRIEC systems have a clear competitive advantage over traditional systems(DX)in terms of indoor air quality, energy consumption and thermal comfort.

Dr. David Gomez Fernandez, R&D Engineer at Atos Research & Innovation, talks to ESCI about digitalisation in the DHC sector, energy consumption of digital services and WEDISTRICT Advanced Digitalisation Platform.

The market penetration of DHC systems varies strongly amongst the EU member states. Our new interactive map gives you an …

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WEDISTRICT shared its progress and lessons learnt at the Spanish National Environmental Congress (CONAMA) on June 1, 2021.

Performance Assessment of District Energy Systems with Common Elements for Heating and Cooling The assessment of a DHC system, which …

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Integration of RES in an existing DC network University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest will test the integration of renewable energy sources …

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