DHC Networks in EU projects

WEDISTRICT organised a workshop together with MATCHUP, RewardHeat and RELaTED projects, presenting their approaches to the renewable DHC.

New publication “Seasonal Analysis Comparison of Three Air-Cooling Systems in Terms of Thermal Comfort, Air Quality and Energy Consumption for School Buildings in Mediterranean Climates”

A comparison of traditional air cooling systems (DX systems) with novel air cooling systems based on regenerative indirect evaporative exchangers (RIEC) and systems based on regenerative indirect evaporative exchangers combined with desiccant wheels (DRIEC) for buildings dedicated to educational use in Southern European climate. The results show that the new RIEC and DRIEC systems have a clear competitive advantage over traditional systems(DX)in terms of indoor air quality, energy consumption and thermal comfort.

Participation at the CONAMA

WEDISTRICT shared its progress and lessons learnt at the Spanish National Environmental Congress (CONAMA) on June 1, 2021.