Interactive map: Share of District Heating and Cooling across Europe

The market penetration of DHC systems varies strongly amongst the member states of the European Union. In Denmark and Estonia, more than 60% of citizens were supplied with DH in 2015, while it was less than 5% in Switzerland and the Netherlands. Similar variations are found with the capacities for DC. The sources for the generation of DH are also very different and impact the GHG emissions of DHC systems.

These differences in the DHC stock, the market situation and barriers of DHC in the individual countries have a great impact on the future requirements of DHC systems and technologies. It is therefore important to consider the current and expected situation when developing new concepts and technologies.


The map below gives an overview of the share of District Heating and Cooling across Europe. A number of data sets was used for different categories, ranging from 2015 to 2020. For more precise information, please refer to the Deliverable District Heating and Cooling Stock at EU Level, where you will also find more detailed information on the situation in each country.

Small share of District Heating

Medium share

High share