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Industry innovators from 9 European countries will integrate multiple sources of renewable energy and excess heat at four demonstration sites across Europe to showcase solutions for 100% fossil free district heating and cooling systems.

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july, 2022

Anmeldung zum Online-Webinar „Strategien und Roadmaps zur #Dekarbonisierung der #Fernwärme

...30. Juni 2022 von 10:00 – 11:30

Programm und Anmeldung unter: https://t.co/fG9jT1N1Is

We are flattered that @KadriSimson highlighted our project. Considering that #heating and #cooling of buildings in the ...#EU account for 50% of total #energyconsumption and 70% of this energy is generated from #FossilFuels, it is of paramount importance to #decarbonise this sector! https://t.co/KT6ZKCVsUl

Kadri Simson @KadriSimson

Introducing @WedistrictH2020, project that integrates different #greentechnologies in district heating systems across ...#EU, bringing reduced dependency of #districtheating & cooling systems on fossil fuels & reduced GHG emissions.

More: https://t.co/6Pfy1VlEzJ


Sabies que la majoria dels països de l'est de la Unió Europea tenen #DistrictHeating mentre que els països ...occidentals no?

Descobreix-ho en el nostre mapa interactiu:


#WeDistrict #FossilFree

¿Sabías que la mayoría de los países del este de la Unión Europea tienen #DistrictHeating mientras que los países... occidentales no?

Descúbrelo en nuestro mapa interactivo:


#WeDistrict #FossilFree

Wussten Sie, dass die meisten osteuropäischen Länder der Europäischen Union Fernwärme haben, während es in den ...westlichen Ländern kaum verbreitet ist?

Finden Sie es selbst heraus auf unser interaktiven Karte (nur Englisch):


#WeDistrict #FossilFree

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Demonstration Cases

WEDISTRICT aims to demonstrate that district heating and cooling systems can be built on a combination of renewable energy sources and waste heat recovery solutions.

To achieve this, WEDISTRICT will set up four demonstration sites across Europe to showcase our success stories. Four real-scale projects will be carried out in different climate zones across Europe, where there are distinctive district heating and cooling systems and construction traditions.

Each demonstration site will integrate two or more renewable energy technologies and draw on local resources and innovative technologies.