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Industry innovators from 9 European countries will integrate multiple sources of renewable energy and excess heat at four demonstration sites across Europe to showcase solutions for 100% fossil free district heating and cooling systems.

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june, 2023

¿Sabe qué tecnologías se están utilizando para la calefacción y refrigeración urbanas basadas en energías ...renovables en el proyecto WEDISTRICT?

Consulte nuestro folleto del proyecto en español: https://t.co/sFTdSUhs9n

👆 Please check our project brochure in Spanish!

At the University Politehnica of Bucharest, you can find the SCADA-system User Interface of the renewable district ...heating demonstrator directly in the entrance hall of the Faculty of Energy Engineering.

For more info on this demosite, read our brochure: https://t.co/m18fU7pgMq

Interested in good financing practices to boost #renewable #DHC?🇪🇺🚀

Register for this #free side event held ...on May 24 during the #EHPCongress2023, hosted by @DhcRes & @WedistrictH2020, and get a 20% #discount on your congress ticket🤩👉https://t.co/9WsN0gjZDZ

Do you know what this colorful picture is about?

New art generated by an AGI or maybe something related to our ...Swedish #WEDISTRICT demo site?

Stay tuned to find out soon! 😉

Some of our #WEDISTRICT research partners have made it to the finals of the RENMAD storage awards.

If you wanna ...support them, please vote here before March 29th:



More info on the competition:

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Demonstration Cases

WEDISTRICT aims to demonstrate that district heating and cooling systems can be built on a combination of renewable energy sources and waste heat recovery solutions.

To achieve this, WEDISTRICT will set up four demonstration sites across Europe to showcase our success stories. Four real-scale projects will be carried out in different climate zones across Europe, where there are distinctive district heating and cooling systems and construction traditions.

Each demonstration site will integrate two or more renewable energy technologies and draw on local resources and innovative technologies.