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Industry innovators from 9 European countries will integrate multiple sources of renewable energy and excess heat at four demonstration sites across Europe to showcase solutions for 100% fossil free district heating and cooling systems.

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december, 2023

We are still not done introducing our partners! This week we meet Sander Smit, from @R2MSolution.

In #WEDISTRICT they... focus on maximum exploitation and impact of the project, while safeguarding the interest of all industrial partners.


Stay warm this winter with our #EHPtalks- 3 key webinars on #DHC’s 🔥topics!

💻4 Dec- Standards for DHC ...deployment👉https://t.co/cbK4l4dU3n

💻5 Dec- Heat on, CO2 emissions down 👉https://t.co/nWCsG4I2Aj

💻14 Dec- #DC: challenges & opportunities 👉 https://t.co/IcvCJeop2s

📢The #RHCETIP is looking for members!
By becoming a member of the platform, you will make your voice heard and ...advocate for the share of research and the deployment of funds dedicated to the #RHC sector.
Join us now👉 https://t.co/TQfY13Aowy

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Demonstration Cases

WEDISTRICT aims to demonstrate that district heating and cooling systems can be built on a combination of renewable energy sources and waste heat recovery solutions.

To achieve this, WEDISTRICT will set up four demonstration sites across Europe to showcase our success stories. Four real-scale projects will be carried out in different climate zones across Europe, where there are distinctive district heating and cooling systems and construction traditions.

Each demonstration site will integrate two or more renewable energy technologies and draw on local resources and innovative technologies.