About the project


The heating and cooling of buildings accounts for 50% of the total EU energy consumption. A large part of this energy (70%) is currently generated from fossil fuels – coal, natural gas and oil. By switching to fossil-free energy, this sector would bring us one step closer to climate neutrality, better air in European cities and higher quality of life for our citizens.

Heating and cooling of buildings in EU accounts for
50% of total energy consumption in EU
70% of this energy is generated from fossil fuels


WEDISTRICT is an EU-funded project that brings together 21 partners from across Europe. They aim to demonstrate innovative 100% fossil free heating and cooling solutions for new and existing district heating and cooling systems. These solutions will integrate

Multiple sources of renewable energy and excess heat from data centres

Advanced thermal storage to redistribute heat to buildings as needed,

Smart technologies to increase the operational efficiency of the systems.

These technologies will be implemented in four real-scale projects in Spain, Romania, Poland and Sweden. The demonstration cases will present the best practices that can be replicated across different climate zones and building types, transforming the heating and cooling sector.

Expected Results

100% renewable district heating and cooling systems

For new and existing constructions.

Open-source decision-making tool

To perform feasibility studies in new locations.

A portfolio of replicable solutions

For a variety of climates and buildings, in different business scenarios.

Higher public acceptance of district heating and cooling systems

Due to new environmental benefits.