Participation at the Sustainable Places

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Integration of Renewables in DHC for Sustainable Living

WEDISTRICT organised a workshop dedicated to the integration of renewable energy in district heating and cooling (DHC) within the frames of the Sustainable Places Conference.

It was an insightful workshop, which showed a great variety of approaches to integration of renewables into the DHC, as well as creation of new business models across the EU that make replication of these innovative solutions plausible!

WEDISTRICT Project Officer Daniel Maraver de Lemus from INEA provided the perspective of the European Commision and reminded once again that we need a change, if we are to mitigate the climate change.

Maria Victoria Cambronero Vazquez, the Project Coordinator of WEDISTRICT, shared the project concept and key technologies with other other seven Horizon 2020 projects, which are also working on decarbonisation of the energy sector and development of DHC fossil-free solutions.

The workshop was moderated by Carolina Ferrandis from ACCIONA.

You can watch the session to learn more about different approaches to the fossil-free DHC, the current status quo in heating and cooling market around Europe, as well as the outlook. Here you will find the presentation of WEDISTRICT.

You can also join our Community of Interest to be updated about relevant developments in this field.