Participation at Sustainable Places 2022

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 Participation at Sustainable Places 2022

The WEDistrict project partners participated again in this year’s Sustainable Places conference at various sessions.

Ass. Prof. Constantin Ionescu from the University Politechnica Bucharest (UPB) and Javier Ruiz from Atos joined the “Sector Coupling” Session, explaining „Tools and Technologies for Hybrid Thermal and Electric Grids towards Sector Coupling“.


“The UPB is responsible for developing the Geothermal hybridization technology and its implementation into the Bucharest demosite.” 

explains Constantin Ionescu.


The full workshop can be reviewed here. 


WEDistrict was participating also at another session:

Paolo Taddeo from IREC (Catalonia Institute for Energy Research) opened the paper session on “Renewable Energy Technologies” with his presentation on  “Design of a district heating/ cooling plant coupled with waste-heat recovery from a data centre in a University Campus in Spain”. 

You can rewatch the full paper session here: