DHC Networks in European Innovation Projects


Workshop "DHC Networks in EU Innovation Projects"

The European Commission has funded a number of projects in the sector of district heating and cooling that are advancing the state of the art of district energy networks and drive the decarbonisation of this sector.

Join our virtual workshop at the Sustainable Places Conference on September 29 to learn about real cases, best practices and learnings of leading R&D and innovation projects that are paving the way towards sustainable solutions in DHC. WEDISTRICT, MATCHUP, RELaTED and REWARDHeat will share their experience:

Alcalá, Bucharest and Lulea demosites from the WEDISTRICT Project
Rewardheat and Related Projects

“Future District House” presented by Match UP Project
“DHC inefficiencies and lessons learnt” from Ramboll /WEDISTRICT.

We have 100 free invitations for the workshop – hurry up to be among the lucky ones!