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Industry innovators from 9 European countries will integrate multiple sources of renewable energy and excess heat at four demonstration sites across Europe to showcase solutions for 100% fossil free district heating and cooling systems.

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september, 2022

Are you interested "Design of a #district heating / cooling plant at a University Campus in spain" presented at ...@sustainplaces renewable technologies paper session?

Rewatch here: https://t.co/2QE8i3Cyf6
with Paolo Taddeo @IREC_Energia 

 #GreenDeal #SustainablePlaces2022

2022 is the European Year of Youth!

I just had an inspiring dialogue with young #energy⚡️ enthusiasts to wrap-up ...my day at #EUSEW2022.

Great interaction on #cleanenergy & on the future of energy in the #EU 🇪🇺

Strong point from @WeissPernille: to succeed we must ensure #technology #diversity adapted to each #Energy mix 🇪🇺...
That's what #District #Heating & #Cooling is about!
➡️Creating local #heatcommunities 2 harvest #sustainable & #homegrown heat sources accross #EU 🍀

Did you miss the #EUSEW2022 panel by
You find here the recording! https://t.co/0twbEJ4F8m

Besides ...#bambooEU, the speakers:
@Emb3rs_project @CoralisEu @RINA1861 @R_ACES_EU @INCUBIS_H2020 @IKERLANofficial @adelphi_berlin...

🎬Our colleague @JaviElnef run the workshop "Tools and Technologies for Hybrid Thermal and Electric Grids towards ...Sector Coupling", representing ARI within @WedistrictH2020 at @sustainplaces.
Results from @EU_H2020 projects on saving energy by sector coupling were adressed 👇 https://t.co/KMxu6SxF2n

WedistrictH2020 @WedistrictH2020

Interested in saving energy by sector coupling?

Watch our workshop on results from EU projects

and #WEDistrict: C. Ionescu & J. Ruiz


@CNR_ITAE @sustainplaces @R2MSolution @upb1818 @Atos #SustainablePlace2022

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Demonstration Cases

WEDISTRICT aims to demonstrate that district heating and cooling systems can be built on a combination of renewable energy sources and waste heat recovery solutions.

To achieve this, WEDISTRICT will set up four demonstration sites across Europe to showcase our success stories. Four real-scale projects will be carried out in different climate zones across Europe, where there are distinctive district heating and cooling systems and construction traditions.

Each demonstration site will integrate two or more renewable energy technologies and draw on local resources and innovative technologies.