Kuźnia Raciborska

Non-renewable District Heating retrofitting

Climate zone:

Central European Weather

Kuźnia Raciborska is a Polish town chosen for the retrofitting of an existing coal-based district heating system. More than 90% of Poland’s energy supply is based on fossil fuel consumption, like Kuźnia Raciborska, a town with a population of 12,500 inhabitants.

The local community with over 20 multifamily buildings and local authorities, are keen to replace coal with renewable energy-based district heating without any significant rise in energy costs.

The challenge of the WEDISTRICT project will be to satisfy the requirements of the end-users by demonstrating both the economic impact and the energy and environmental effects of the new system. Since the district heating system is already present and functional, only the heat generation unit will be converted from coal to biomass.


The demonstration will be a prime example for Polish district heating networks on how they can foster the energy transition, reducing air pollution and benefitting the local community.

Technologies planned for Kuźnia Raciborska demo site:

Biomass boilers, PV panels and a heat pump

The system will include an air source heat pump of 300 kW and thermal storage, which will be mostly operational during the summer period for domestic hot water (DHW) needs. Biomass boilers and PV panels installation will power the heat pump as main suppliers.

Thermal storage system

Joined with a thermal storage system for facilitating the possible extra heat obtained in summer period, reaching over 50% of thermal needs.


Intelligent energy management system

Extraordinary electricity surplus would be directed directly to the external power grid if necessary, fulfilling the prosumer concept.



Retrofitting of an Inefficient District Heating Section


Excess heat integration in existing District Heating